ecommerce website

Our duty at Beyond Limits is to ensure that we provide you with professional ecommerce website. We have tried to list some important and recommended features for you to have a successful ecommerce websites in Nigeria. We have tried as much as possible to craft out key features that every ecommerce website will need but we also understand that your business may have unique requirements and as such you should feel free to contact us for a schedule consultation.
Our eCommerce website comes with amazing features such as:

  • Complete eCommerce website Management Services,
  • Essential Digital Marketing specially crafted for E-Commerce Websites
  • Essential Features needed for a professional  e-Commerce Websites
  • Essential Features for e-Commerce Websites


Diverse Payment Options

Every ecommerce websites should have integrated on their platform different or multiple payment options, as this will make it easy for customers to navigate the ecommerce website and complete their orders seamlessly. Beyond Limits Computers has integrated as part of the essential and core features of the website different payment methods which includes:

  • Payment on Delivery sometimes referred to as Cash on delivery
  • Pay in Store which means the customer can decide to come to the store to make payment.
  • Bank Transfer/ Cash Deposit at the bank
  • Online Payment (Interswitch, WebPay, Quickteller, GTPay, VoguePay, Paga, DiamondPay, Paystack, etc.)

Amazing Delivery/Shipping Options

Irrespective of the physical location of the customer, whether they are close to us or far away, a professionally built ecommerce website should provide different  options to them on how their orders can be received or delivered. Beyond Limits Computers has integrated in its design package various delivery/shipping options such as:

  • Pick-up-in-store
  • Weight-based shipping
  • Courier Delivery
  • Other customized shipping methods

Up to Date Website Security

Considering the fact that customers usually make use of very sensitive customer information usually collected by e-commerce websites, security is a key issue for us. First of all we need to understand that mosst online payment service providers always provide secure card payment systems and this helps your payment on the ecommerce website platform very secure.

However we will still add an extra layer of security to your ecommerce website. Beyond Limits Computers has implemented various modern and up to date security systems on websites in compliance with modern and the daily changing trends in the society. Amongst these security measures includes:

  • Data Encryption
  • Data Backup
  • Server Security
  • Daily Vulnerability Scans

Professional Looking Website Design

The outstanding look of your e-Commerce website is critical to maintaining an outstanding online presence. An online store that is not properly designed or that is not attractive and easy to navigate will turn customers away. At Beyond limits Computers, we are confident in our ability to design state of the art, pixel-perfect e-Commerce websites. Visit our portfolio to see some past e-commerce projects.

Search Engine Friendly

Beyond Limits Computers is definitely the trusted search engine expert you need when it comes to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Nigeria. We have over the years helped our clients reach (and remain) at the No. 1 position on the most influential search engine – Google – for keywords relating to their products and services.

User-friendly Navigation & Layout

For you to have a successful online business, you need to have a website that must be user-friendly. This is a key feature that for us is non-negotiable. At Beyond Limits Computers, we always design with User Experience (UX) in mind. Our overall objective of having an eCommerce website with  UX design is to give the website visitor a seamless, pleasurable shopping experience.

Mobile Friendly (Responsive)

In this time and age one key feature every website needs to have is a mobile responsive website. A mobile responsive website is one that adapts seamlessly to the screen sizes and resolutions of the viewing device (PCs, Tablets, Phones or e-Readers). This makes a website mobile-friendly and convenient for website visitors.

Visitor Statistics (Analytics)

Google Analytics is a tool provided by Google. This tool makes it possible for and our clients to track detailed information about their website rangine from number of visitors per day to countries or locations where the visitors come from and even the pages that were visited.

Effortless Management & Updates

Most of the Online stores that we develop for our clients are ususally built with what we refer to as content management system (CMS). This makes it possible for our clients and their administrators to update the online store with no stress at all. They are able to update product information, change pictures, update prices and all thses makes it easier to keep the website up to date.

Other Integrations

  • Live Chat: Ability to engage in real-time communication with website visitors.
  • Blog: Integration of a blog on eCommerce websites.
  • Newsletter: This enables website visitors to sign up for updates, promotions and deals, which they will receive via email.